The Heracian Affair: we have a cover!

I’ve been near bursting with excitement about this for a few days, but I finally have something to show you guys!

The Heracian Affair finally has a cover! I’m uber excited about it, and Brooke Albrecht, the cover artist, did a fabulous job at capturing the concept of my characters & story. Or at least what I feel about it, lol, since she had my specs to go by for it. I guess in the end you guys, if you read it, will let me know how off the mark I was 😀

But until then, I’m absolutely delighted to present to you the brand spanking new cover of The Heracian Affair:

Just look at him, he’s so delicious…all darkish and brooding and mysterious, don’t you just want to pull him out of that cover and tie him up to you bed? No? Well, maybe that’s just me then 😀  The word I’d use to describe this cover is ‘striking’, and I’m very happy with that.

I know it sounds geeky since I submitted the MS, it got accepted, I signed a contract and all, but right now, knowing this is its cover, it feels suddenly so very real to me. You know what I mean? I’m so very excited to get the edits going and see it all done and ready to say ‘hi’ to the world.

What do you think, does this cover say “Grab me, open me up, devour me?”