The Heracian Affair: expected publication March 20 2013!

Yes, I am utterly delighted to finally announce we have a date for when Rizzo and Conrad will be unleashed unto the unsuspecting world 😀 Be afraid, be very afraid!

You can check it out for yourselves over at the Dreamspinner Coming Soon page and see it in all its glory on The Heracian Affair‘s page. The title is already up on Goodreads here. Yes, I am extremely excited and cannot wait for March 20. This might be longest month of my life.

In the meantime, here’s a bit about The Heracian Affair:

Even years after Rizzo Berg’s lover and Dom died in combat, the memories torment him. Following a particularly disappointing date, Rizzo goes to sleep in his apartment only to wake up on a spaceship with tall, gorgeous, alien Captain Conrad D’Ollet of Heracia, a man so deliciously dominant Rizzo’s knees turn to jelly.

Apparently the Heracians need help, and Rizzo is a humanitarian through and through. Spending more time around Conrad is totally not one of the reasons he wants to lend a hand.

Soon Rizzo finds himself completely conquered and blissfully owned. But neither he nor Conrad is willing to risk his heart, let go of the past, and dare to believe in a future that won’t end in catastrophe.

It’s a m/m space opera adult romance (of the hot variety, lol!) with some sprinkles of ex-military/military and kink. Expect quirky characters, bubbly chemistry and a lot of teasing. And a happy ending, because sometimes I’m just that much of an incurable romantic.

Are you ready for Rizzo and Conrad? 😀 Because they’re finally ready for you.