Lover, Lover: Out Now!

Lover, Lover: Out Now!

Lover, Lover (Dreamcatchers #1)

by Liv Olteano
Published: February 20th 2018 by Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MxM Adult Paranormal Romance

Twin souls reunited.
Drew’s always been a fighter: first in martial arts competitions, and now as a dreamcatcher—keeping the people of Seattle safe from spaga attacks that would drain their life force in their sleep. All he has to do to become a full member of Team 32 is complete his first mission.
But the first person he must defend is his ex, Angelo… the only man Drew ever loved, even if he was the one to leave. Drew never got over Angelo, and it seems Angelo might feel the same, despite the heartbreak he suffered at Drew’s hands.
As the chase after a powerful and resourceful caster hits close to home, old feelings resurface. But if Angelo learns of the dreamcatchers, he’ll be a target for the spaga. And how can he trust Drew now that Drew’s keeping bigger secrets than ever?

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“Angelo turned to look at me. “When I said we should do something fun and exciting, I admit I didn’t quite have this in mind.”
I grinned. “All the better.”
“This is insane.”
“I love it!”
I leaned in and kissed the side of his neck. “I hoped you would.”
“Ready, guys?” said the security expert.
I looked at Angelo’s body, clad in a bodysuit and harnessed as it was, all colorful and topped with that helmet. “You look adorable.”
He stuck his tongue out at me. “You look ridiculous. But I still love you.”
“I love you too.”
We wrapped our arms around each other and when we heard “Go!” jumped off the Space Needle.”

Want to read Chapter 1? Check out the book on the Dreamspinner Press site (Link) and hit the Read an Excerpt button right beneath the cover xD


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